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Suet Blocks for Birds – Everything You Need to Know About Feeding Birds Suet in Winter

When it comes to creating a welcoming haven for British birds in your garden, selecting the best bird food is an important decision, but it’s not the only consideration. Eco Bird Food understands the needs of British Birds in different seasons. Choosing Eco Bird Food products ensures that you are giving the birds in your garden the best possible food at the best possible time. In this ultimate guide, we explore the factors to consider when selecting bird food, emphasizing the importance of high quality ingredients for the best bird-feeding experience.

Understanding Bird Diets:

Bird species have diverse dietary preferences. Tailoring your bird food selection to the specific tastes of the birds in your area is key. If you are feeding birds a mix, or suet products, look at the ingredients to ensure it is packed with high quality ingredients such as sunflower hearts, peanuts, and mealworms.

Eco Bird Food Winter Mix Ingredients

Winter Seed Mix

Every Eco Bird Food seasonal suet consists of a minimum of 20% beef fat, 20% sunflower hearts for birds, 9% suet berry pellets and 1% meal worms. When this is shaped into a cone it is irresistible to woodpeckers and other clinging birds who hang on the cone while feeding from it.

Variety of Bird Food is Key:

A diverse range of bird food ensures that you attract a wide array of birds to your garden. You wouldn’t repeatedly go to a restaurant if all they served were cheese sandwiches, and the birds in your garden are the same. Eco Birds Food’s seasonal, high-quality mixes, and seasonal suet are ideal bird foods throughout the year. Providing birds with variety ensures a variety of species will enjoy a balanced and nutritious diet in your garden haven.

Seasonal Considerations:

Winter Suet

Recognizing the seasonal needs of birds is crucial. In winter, opt for high-energy foods like premium suet, sunflower hearts for birds, and peanut pieces (better for small beaks than whole nuts) to help birds maintain warmth. As spring arrives, focus on protein and fiber rich options like mealworms and fruits to support breeding.


In Winter Eco Bird Food increases the % of beef fat in our suet to 25%. Spring we introduce calcium to support the development of healthy eggs. Summer dried fruit is incorporated, which is easy to digest for fledglings and chicks. Throughout the year our mixes and suet contain 1% mealworms. We only use exceptional quality ingredients, so you know the birds in your garden are getting the best bird food.

Feeder Types Matter:

The design of your bird feeder influences the type of bird food you can offer. Tube feeders are suitable for small seeds, while platform feeders can accommodate larger items like fruits and nuts. If you’re buying suet make sure you choose the correct suet shape for your feeder. Alternatively Eco Bird Food’s ready to hang suet cones, suet blocks, and suet tubes can be hung directly to the tree.

Suet Blocks for Birds = Squares of Pure Bird Food Energy

Premium suet products, such as  suet blocks, and suet cones, provide a concentrated source of energy for birds. Suet blocks for birds are a great option if you have the specially designed suet block feeders. High-quality suet blocks for birds will attract woodpeckers, starlings, and tits to your garden, enhancing your bird-watching experience.

Best Bird Food

Peanuts for Protein:

Peanuts are an excellent source of protein and healthy fats, and peanut pieces are better for small beaks. Premium bird food blends incorporate high-quality peanuts, providing a nutritious option for birds.

Premium Bird Food

Dried Fruits for Natural Appeal:

Eco Birds Foods Spring and Summer mixes include dried fruits, adding a natural sweetness to bird diets. Raisins and currants are attractive to songbirds like blackbirds and thrushes. Choose premium blends that offer these ingredients in appropriate quantities. In the Spring and Summer it is particularly important to include dried fruits in birds food mixes as these are easy to digest for chicks and fledglings.

Mealworms for Insectivores:

Mealworms, available in premium blends, or bought on its own, a favorite for insect-eating birds. Robins, blue tits, and wrens benefit from the protein-rich content. Selecting a bird food mix that includes  mealworms ensures its quality and attractiveness to birds.

Quality Over Quantity:

Investing in the best bird food is a commitment to the health of the birds in your garden. The birds aren’t stupid, over a few weeks they know if the food they’re eating is giving them the energy they need. They’ll regularly visit, and build nests close to the best nutrition. Eco Birds Food’s seasonal mixes reduce waste, as they exclude filler ingredients found in cheaper options. The result is a cleaner feeding area and a more attractive space for birds.

Sunflower Hearts for Birds - A SuperFood

Sunflower hearts boast an impressive nutritional profile, making them a wholesome and energy-rich option for birds. Packed with essential nutrients, including healthy fats, proteins, and vital vitamins, they are like the VIP treatment for birds.

Sunflower Heart For Birds

Water is Vital:

Don’t overlook the importance of water. Providing a fresh and clean water source is crucial for birds’ drinking and bathing needs. Including a birdbath, in your garden completes the premium bird-feeding experience. An alternative is to leave a shallow dish either on the ground or on a pedestal.

In conclusion, by understanding bird diets throughout the seasons, and offering a variety of premium bird food options you will create an optimal bird-feeding environment in your garden. Investing in premium bird food ensures that you will enjoy the delightful experience of bird watching in your own backyard.

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