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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Bird Food for British Birds

With the arrival of winter the birds face their most challenging season in terms of weather and scarcity. Good quality suet bird food can determine whether your feathered friends see the spring. Eco bird food suet blocks are premium bird food options. Crafted from  beef fat, sunflower hearts, peanut pieces, and seasonally supplemented with fruits and insects, eco suet provides a concentrated burst of energy and nutrition for the birds in your garden. We are here to support you in your bird feeding mission with a fantastic selection of suet products. Today, in this blog we focus on suet blocks for birds.

Understanding Suet Blocks A High Energy Bird Food

Suet blocks are a powerhouse of energy, offering a dense caloric source  of food that enables birds to stay warm during the cold winter months. This is particularly beneficial for smaller birds that may otherwise freeze.

Why Choose Suet Blocks - Nutrient-Rich Composition

suet blocks

Eco suet blocks boast an ideal mix of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, catering to the diverse nutritional needs of various bird species. This nutritional richness makes suet blocks the best bird food to bolster birds’ overall health, especially during periods of cold, and increased energy expenditure.

Convenience and Tidiness

Eco suet blocks are not just a treat for the birds; they offer a convenient and tidy feeding solution for bird enthusiasts. Their solid form minimizes mess and waste, making them easy to handle and suitable for placement in specialized suet feeders, or directly on bird tables. If you don’t have suet block feeders an alternative is suet blocks, these fit into traditionally shaped suet and fat ball feeders.

Winter Energy Boost

The colder temperatures demand more energy expenditure from birds. Suet blocks, with their concentrated nutrition, provide the extra calories needed to keep the birds in your garden warm and active during Winter.

suet blocks for birds

The Best Bird Food Attracts a Variety of Species

Tits, finches, woodpeckers, and robins are among the many birds that find suet blocks irresistible. The diversity of ingredients enhances their attractiveness as a bird food to different avian visitors.

Proper Placement

Ensuring proper placement of suet blocks is crucial. Hang them in suitable feeders or secure them to tree branches or bird tables. If attaching directly to the tree to deter squirrels  it is best to use thin branches. If the birds in your garden are not used to suet blocks they may ignore them at first. On first use it’s best to hang them beside your regular feeder to ensure they are identified as food. Choosing the Best Suet Blocks.

Premium Ingredients

Look at the ingredients of your suet product. If the main ingredient is wheat or flour it is not going to have much nutritional value for the birds. Eco suet blocks are made with nothing but high-quality ingredients including beef fat, sunflower hearts, and mealworms.

Winter Suet

Suet Block in a Feeders are Weather Resistance

Suet blocks when placed in the correct feeder will withstand the worst weather conditions. 


In conclusion, Eco Bird Food’s suet blocks stand out as a valuable and convenient option for winter feeding. By understanding the difference between good suet and bad suet, appreciating its benefits, and understanding proper usage, your garden will provide vital sustenance to a variety of species during the colder months. 


Ensure you’re on the path to a successful and rewarding winter bird feeding experience with Eco Bird Food’s suet blocks.

Ecobird Food
Ecobird Food

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