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Suet Cakes vs. Suet Balls For Birds: Why Suet Cakes Are A Must Have For Your Bird Feeder

When it comes to bird feeding, the choice between suet cakes and suet balls (also called fat balls) can be a puzzling one. Bird enthusiasts often find themselves pondering which option is best for attracting and nourishing British birds in their gardens. Let’s delve into this debate and explore the merits of suet cakes and suet balls for birds.

Suet Cakes for Birds: A Volume Advantage

One of the primary advantages of suet cakes for birds becomes evident when considering volume efficiency. The photographs below showcase this advantage vividly. In the first image, a bird feeder brims with suet cakes, filling every available space. Contrastingly, the second image reveals suet balls nestled in the feeder, leaving noticeable gaps at the edges.


Suet Cakes
Suet Balls

Understanding the Mathematics Behind Suet Cakes and Suet Balls

The mathematical formula that proves this is set out below. We use the standard fat ball size, radius 3.25cm. This is compared to Eco Bird Food’s suet cake (technically a frustum), with a height of 6.5cm, top radius 3.25cm, and bottom radius 2.25cm. 

Suet Ball Volume = 149.87cm3  

Suet Cake Volume = 208.46cm 

To provide the same quantity of bird food customers need to fill their feeders 25% less often. 

The Benefits of Suet Cakes for Birds

Suet cakes offer a compelling proposition for bird enthusiasts. Not only do they provide more food for our avian visitors, but they also require less frequent refilling of feeders. This means a sustained and consistent food source for British birds, particularly during critical times like winter or the nesting season. 

Suet Balls for Birds: Convenience and Appeal

Despite the volume advantage of suet cakes, suet balls hold their own in the realm of bird feeding. They are convenient, readily available, and appeal to a wide range of bird species. Suet balls can be easily hung in various feeders, attracting birds with their high-fat content and compact form. When buying suet balls for birds make sure you look at the ingredients to ensure you’re providing a premium bird food.  

A Balanced Approach to Bird Feeding

In conclusion, both suet cakes and suet balls have their merits in bird feeding. While suet cakes offer a mathematical advantage in terms of volume efficiency the most important consideration should be the quality of ingredients. 

Embracing the Diversity of Bird Feeding

Whether you opt for suet cakes, suet balls, or a combination of both, the most important aspect of bird feeding is to provide a nourishing and welcoming environment for British birds. By understanding the benefits of each option and embracing their diversity, we can foster a thriving ecosystem in our gardens, enriching our lives and the lives of our avian neighbors alike. 

Ecobird Food
Ecobird Food

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