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Suet Blocks in Spring: How to Help British Birds Nesting and Feeding Chicks

As spring breathes new life into the British countryside, the avian world bursts into a flurry of activity. For many bird species, this season marks a critical time for nesting and raising their young. Providing essential nourishment becomes paramount, and suet blocks emerge as a valuable resource for supporting nesting birds and their growing chicks.  

Suet Blocks for Birds in Spring

In this article, we’ll explore the significance of suet blocks for British birds during the spring nesting season and discuss how you can play a role in assisting our feathered friends. 

Suet blocks, specially formulated to offer a concentrated source of energy and nutrients, play a crucial role in supporting nesting birds throughout the spring. As birds embark on the demanding tasks of building nests, laying eggs, and raising chicks, they require ample supplies of protein, fats, and vitamins to fuel their efforts and ensure the health and vitality of their offspring. Suet blocks provide an easily accessible and high-calorie food source that meets these nutritional needs, helping birds thrive during this critical period. 

Suet Blocks for Birds & Their Chicks

For many British bird species, spring marks the onset of nesting season, a time when they must find suitable locations to build nests and incubate their eggs. Suet blocks can be a valuable resource for nesting birds, offering them a convenient and energy-rich food source as they invest their time and energy into the demanding task of incubation. The high-fat content of suet blocks provides birds with the necessary energy to maintain their body temperature during long periods of incubation, ensuring the viability of their eggs. 

Once the eggs hatch, parent birds face the additional challenge of feeding and caring for their hungry chicks. Suet blocks for British birds become even more essential during this stage, as they provide soft, easy to digest, and readily available nourishment that can be quickly consumed and delivered to hungry mouths. The protein-rich ingredients found in Eco Bird Food suet blocks are selected by expert ornithologists to benefit growing chicks, supporting their rapid growth and development as they transition from nestlings to fledglings. 

Eco Bird Food Spring Suet Block – Ingredients

25% Beef Fat – Insulation 

18% Sunflower Hearts – Bakery Grade 

15% Millet – Suitable for Small Beaks 

15% Wheat Flour – Carbohydrates 

10% Maize – Fiber  

9% Berry Pellets – Concentrated Energy 

4% Dried Fruit – Easy to Digest.  

3% Oyster Shell Grit – Healthy Egg Development 

1% Mealworms – Amino Acids 

Best Use of Suet Blocks for Birds in Spring

By incorporating suet blocks into your bird feeding routine during the spring months you increase the changes of birds choosing your garden to build their home. Suet blocks provide invaluable support to nesting birds and their chicks. Here are some tips for using suet blocks to assist British birds during this critical time: 

Place suet blocks near nesting sites: Position suet blocks close to trees, shrubs, nest boxes, or other potential nesting sites to make them easily accessible to nesting birds. This will help parent birds conserve energy and time by minimizing the distance they need to travel to find food for their chicks. 

Keep feeders clean and well-stocked: Regularly clean suet feeders to prevent the buildup of mold and bacteria, which can be harmful to birds’ health. Germs and bacteria that a healthy adult bird can shake off can be deadly to a nest of young chicks.  

Monitor bird activity: Keep an eye on bird activity around suet blocks to gauge their popularity among nesting birds. Adjust the placement and type of suet blocks based on the species visiting your garden and their feeding preferences. 

Use suet alongside other bird food. British birds exhibit varied tastes in food. Presenting an assortment of food, including sunflower hearts, and a top quality mix, will entice a diverse range of bird species to your garden. 

By following these simple guidelines, you can make a meaningful contribution to supporting British birds during the spring nesting season. Suet blocks for birds provide a valuable source of energy and nutrients that are essential for nesting birds and their growing chicks, helping them thrive during this critical time of year. So, why not lend a helping hand to our feathered friends by providing them with nutritious suet blocks? Your efforts will be greatly appreciated by nesting birds and enrich your own experience of observing British wildlife in your garden. 

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