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Choosing the Right Suet Shape: A Comparison of Suet Cones, Suet Blocks, Suet Cakes, and Fat Balls

When deciding the best bird food for your garden give consideration to suet. Bird food suet, when correctly made, is an energy and nutrition packed treat for your feathered friends. There are a variety of suet shapes on the market. Popular choices include:

1.Suet Cakes – A better alternative to fat balls.

2.Suet Cones – The woodpeckers favourite.

3.Suet Blocks – Long lasting.

4.Suet Tubes – Unique to eco bird food.

Suet For Birds - What’s your ideal suet shape?

In this blog post, we consider the benefits of suet, and explore what is the best shape for you. As wildlife lovers and bird enthusiasts, selecting the right suet shape is important to ensure convenience of feeding, and the satisfaction of the birds in your garden. Today we compare popular suet shapes, including suet cakes, suet cones, suet blocks (AKA suet squares), suet cakes, and fat balls, to help you make a decision for your bird feeding..

Eco Bird Food Suet Cones:

Every Eco Bird Food seasonal suet consists of a minimum of 20% beef fat, 20% sunflower hearts for birds, 9% suet berry pellets and 1% meal worms. When this is shaped into a cone it is irresistible to woodpeckers and other clinging birds who hang on the cone while feeding from it.

Suet Cone

Eco Bird Food Suet Blocks:

Suet blocks are compact, easy-to-handle, squares of suet. They are convenient for placement in specialized feeders. The square shape provides a large surface area for birds to feed on, accommodating multiple visitors simultaneously. This benefits smaller birds including tits and finches.

Suet Blocks

Eco Bird Food Suet Cakes:

Suet Cakes are the most versatile of suet shapes. Their disc shape, and flat surface, allows them to fit into a variety of feeder types.  Suet cakes are best used in specialized suet cake feeders which are the same that are used for fat balls. The best birds food one the market Eco suet cakes are a more efficient choice than fat balls as they utilise more of the feeder space.

Suet Cakes for Birds - EcoBird

Fat Balls:

Fat Balls, or suet balls, are spherical suet treats. When buying fat balls beware of cheap ingredients with little nutritional value. If the principal ingredient is flour it’s not a sufficient reward for the bird’s effort. Due to their rounded shape, fat balls leave gaps around the edges of feeders. They are not the best bird food.

Eco Bird Food Suet Tube:

Our unique, patented, suet tubes are ideal for those who want a mess free bird food suet option that can be hung straight on the tree. The paper tube is tough enough to withstand the rain, while being 100% biodegradable.

Suet For Birds

Choosing the Best Shape:

When comparing these suet shapes, the efficiency of feeder space becomes a crucial factor. Eco Bird Food suet cakes stand out in this regard. Their flat shape allows them to snugly fit into feeders, leaving minimal gaps. This means more suet in the feeder, less effort for you, and less wasted space.

Suet Cakes - The Best Bird Food

  • Maximized Feeding Opportunities: With less wasted space, more birds can access the suet simultaneously, leading to increased feeding opportunities.
  • Reduced Mess: Efficiently filling the feeder minimizes the likelihood of suet falling to the ground, keeping the feeding area cleaner.
  • Attracting More Birds: Your feeder will stay  stocked for longer, and is more likely to attract a greater diversity of birds.

Conclusion, the benefits of suet when bird feeding are huge. Whether you opt for suet cakes, suet cones, suet tubes, or suet blocks, check the ingredients so you know that you’re feeding birds the best. Eco Bird Food’s nutrient-rich, energy-packed suet appeals to a wide variety of species ensuring you’ll enjoy the lively presence of birds in your garden throughout the year.

Ecobird Food
Ecobird Food

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